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Concord Summer School of 2019(part1)

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Concord Summer School of 2019(part 1)

Concord College is a top independent boarding school in the southwest of the UK. It is located in Darwin’s hometown Shrewsbury, with strong cultural heritage, safe environment and beautiful scenery. As the most well-known international school in the UK, Concord College has achieved many outstanding academic results and is always ranked as one of the top schools of all the authoritative league tables. Concord College was ranked as the 1st in the league table of most valuable boarding schools  by The Financial Times in 2012, the 2nd in the independent schools league table based on points per candidate in data provided by the ISC in 2017 and the 5th in The Times school league table for co-educational schools. 

The Summer School programmes of Concord College have been held for more than 30 years. Every year, nearly 300 teenagers from more than 40 countries, including Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China, participate.Students from different countries will study and live together to improve their English skills, enhance their self-confidence and sense of teamwork, and broaden their horizons by getting immersed in different countries’ culture.

Concord Summer School consist of Junior and Senior Programmes for students aged 10 to 17. The Junior Programmes for students aged 10 to 12 while the Senior Programmes for students aged 13 to 17. The schedule of extracurricular activities and optional activities for all students are the same, except that the lessons given from 9 am to 3 PM is different for students everyday. The Summer School participants attend classes and live in the campus of Concord college. Students will benefit from 21 hours per week of lessons from 9am to 3pm (except for Wednesdays when lessons finish at 12.30pm).

Junior Programmes (for age 10 - 12)
Dates: July 2 to July 24, 2019; July 27 to August 18, 2019
The Junior Programmes are designed for students aged 10 to 12. Each course consists of theoretical, practical and group work.The aim is to increase knowledge, improve confidence and develop the skills to work with others. There are three courses for students to choose:
Junior English with Active English
Students will benefit from 15 hours per week of classroom based English including reading, writing, speaking and listening.?They will also have 6 hours per week learning English.
Active English lessons are structured to provide opportunities for students to improve their English and learn subject-related vocabulary through activities they enjoy. Active English courses of Junior Programmes include Art, Music, Outdoor Activities, Sport and Swimming.
unior English with Active Science
Students will benefit from 15 hours per week of classroom based English including reading, writing, speaking and listening. They will also have 6 hours per week learning English through Active Science consisting of Science based projects. 
Junior Science & Maths (Students need a minimum English level of B1.)
Students will benefit from 21 hours per week of laboratory based Science and Maths lessons and these will consist of theory and practical sessions. Lessons will also include reading, writing, speaking and listening and will involve group project work. 
Science courses include biology, chemistry and physics, as well as carefully selected safe experiments for students to practice in class.The programmes will strengthen students' science skills in preparation for GCSE or equivalent courses. It is important to develop students’ interest in science at an early stage of his or her career; many students give up science study because of the lack of education, while Concord hire experienced teachers, and get equipped with fabuous facilities for interesting and vivid experiments to help students to learn.