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The 2017 book inheritance event ended successfully!

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On 22th December, Langsheng Education invited the students from Concord College and the students who are going to study in Concord College the next year as well as their parents to attend our annual Heritage Book activity. The theme of the activity this year is Good Book Heritage, Knowledge Founds Dreams. There were 8 students who are now studying in the Concord College which ranks No.2 in England and 1 student from St Swithun's School, the top British girl’s boarding school. In the activity, these elder brothers and sisters came to the scene with different types of original English books, bringing valuable resources and experience to the students who are about to start a new life in Concord College and Ruthin School. 
The books donated by senior students include but are not limited to: A Brief History of Times, The Little Prince, Alice in Wonderland, The Silver Linings Playbook, The Handmaid's Tale, Introduction to Mathematics, When Breath Becomes Air, The Great Gatsby and Founding Brothers. 
When introducing The Little Prince and Alice in Wonderland, Zhang Zhimo, who is currently studying at A Level in Concord College, indicated that these two books are her English primer books. Compared with other books, these books don’t demand high level of English proficiency and they are suitable for GCSE students to read. While increasing their interest in English reading, these books can also improve their vocabulary and practice their sense of English language. In addition to these English novels, Lin Zheng’ai, a GCSE student at St Swithun's School, a leading British girl’s school, has also brought four subject guidebooks for new GCSE students next year: Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Science of Secondary School of Oxford Graphic. These four books are very helpful for the students who have just come to the UK to study GSCE. Any new terms or concepts in the courses can be found in these English-Chinese tutorials. 
During the book-donating ceremony, the receivers signed a letter of commitment of making good use of the books in the next 2 years. As the letter states, “Mr. Gorky once said that books are the ladder of human progress. Books are the most faithful companions for students to study. Books are our common spiritual home and the eternal carrier of the friendship between generations of students. The new students who get the gift books in the activities will continue to pass them on to those in need and continue the core ethos of the Heritage Book activities. Getting the books from the elder brothers and sisters, these new students can hardly find words to express their joy and excitement. In the last part of the activity, the senior students put forward many suggestions and precautions about living in the UK to help the new students adapt to the unfamiliar environment sooner and better. After nearly an hour’s communication, the students still showed great interest. The new students said that this activity has benefited them a lot, not only from books, but also from valuable experience of studying and living abroad. Langsheng Education has always been adhering to the original intention of transferring knowledge and making rational use of resources, and will continue to provide students with this platform of communication and mutual benefit every year in the future.