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A Multicultural Trip to American Cities
With the aim of “cultivating first-class talents with Chinese spirits, worldly vision and the ability to understand multiculturalism, we launched the trip to visit 8 important cities that can represent the US and 9 of the top 20 US universities, to let students gain first-hand experience of the differences in Chinese and American culture, get a feel of the charm of a multicultural society, and improve their own ability in cross-cultural communication through varied practical cultural communication.
This special trip broadened the students’ view, supported students to consciously cultivate and improve their individual growth, become their own person, take the initiative to study and practice on their own, foster and exercise their ability of independent thinking and problem solving, and enhance their overall quality.
At the same time, in an English-speaking environment, they can know better how to use English to express themselves and talk in a presentable manner. Through visiting selected cultural spots, they can learn more about world-famous landmarks and attractions, which can help them enrich their experience and broaden their horizon.
Introducing the landmarks of major American cities by visiting them for real gives students a chance to understand American politics, economics, technology, culture, etc. This can inspire them to reevaluate their own value, and give them the incentive to pursue their dream and plan for their future.
Aim of the project:
To promote communication and friendship between Chinese and American students.
To deepen the students' understanding of the world.
To broaden students' horizon and enrich their experience.
To encourage students to pursue excellence in their careers and lives.
To cultivate good conduct and manner.
To develop communication and leadership skills.
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