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2018 The Elite Club Annual Meeting: the Smart World

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  On the 5th Aug. 2018, the Elite Club Annual Event of 2018 was held at BluePower Smart Classroom. On the day of the event, the temperature was very high, but it didn’t deter the passion of the Elite Club’s mentors and members. This year’s theme is “Smart World”, and the event was divided into several parts: Thematic Sharing, Guests Interaction and Banquet.
The founder of the Elite Club, Mr Francis Ping, is speaking
  The founder of the Elite Club, Mr Francis Ping, gave the opening speech. He first introduced the theme of this year: “Smart World”. The theme is linked to both Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analysis and the aim of this theme is to broaden the perspective and keep updated with the current trends of the industries. Many people are fixated on industries like finance and investment for their career choice, and this might limit their professional skills they have pursued. This is why Mr Ping wants the members to see the future trends of a variety of industries, so that they can join industries that has a promising future. 
  Northern Light VC Chairman Mr. Deng sharing his “unusual” life with the students
The first guest speaker to share his thematic speech is the founder and chairman of Northern Light VC, who has abundant investment experiences and has invested in nearly 200 company. He is a veteran in Venture Capital, his main field of investment is computer, communication and data network industries. He is also the chairman of Tsinghua University Foundation and the one to donate most to the alma mater as an entrepreneur. 
  Mr Deng always thought his early study experience made him mature much earlier and found the right goal for himself. He has started three businesses himself: The first one in Zhongguancun, the second one in Silicon Valley, and the third one is Northern Light VC which was founded in 2005. He summarized his past investment experience and said to the students that in big events it depends on the timing, one must have courage and should not completely depend on data. Only on the strategic level should one make decisions based on analysis and data. “Success is accumulated where the process is optimized”. Using his own unique experiences, he showed the students the possibilities of life. In the later interaction session, the students all said that they learned a lot from him. 
Wingspan’s CTO Mr Bian sharing data about the current medical technology industry
  The second guest speaker who shared his experiences with us is the partner and CTO of Wingspan Technology. He used to be GE’s senior R&D manager and has over 15 years’ experience in the development of medical information technology and the management of large teams. He led the team to develop the Wingspan cloud image diagnosis platform and a case sharing platform; he led the research and development of radiology information products and Wingspan’s first artificial intelligence product. His speech was about the development of medical imaging and artificial intelligence. Perhaps most people know little about medical technology, but through Mr. Bian’s general guidance and explanation, the students gradually deepen their understanding of this field. From X-ray and CT images to the application of AI in the field of medical treatment, Mr. Bian went over the development of medical imaging, from scientists who won the Nobel Prize to the changes happening back at home, which are all contributing to the advancement in medical imaging. Now the fastest CT can finish the work in 10 minutes, and what we are witnessing today is the undergoing medical, scientific and technological revolution and its foreseeable future. The demand for talents in the medical technology industry tends to be cross-disciplinary, which is a new opportunity for members of the Elite Club and find their career direction.
Gener’s CEO Mr. Li sharing his insights with the students
  The third guest speaker is the CEO of Gener Software and Gener Information Technology, Mr. Li. He told the students how the trade war between China and the United States could affect China's future technological development. In his view, if America can make its manufacturing costs cheaper than China's within three years, there will be no condition for the current China-American competition, which is at a crucial juncture in the technological, intellectual and industrial revolution. On the level of technological innovation, Gener only needed a few years to become a global pioneer. It mainly serves the artificial intelligence service of China's high-speed railway and has built the first smart bullet train in China. It is expected that 4,300 bullet trains will carry the system of Gener in the future. The aerospace sector is also a major business where Gener provides data analysis.
  In the final wrap-up, Mr. Ping put forward some very pertinent career planning suggestions to the members from the perspective of an investor: "Knowledge" and "efficiency" are always the fundamental driving forces to promote social development and determine capital investment. In his opinion, the internal logic of business operation is often information asymmetry. When we look back at the critical turning points in human history, whether it was China's four great inventions or Britain's industrial revolution, it was at the level of "knowledge" or "efficiency" that social productivity was rapidly released. And the object of investment is usually high knowledge threshold and high efficiency threshold. Reviewing the investment hot spots in recent years, both the data-driven marketing model and the "new retail" model are profoundly changing people's buying habits and business structure on the basis of knowledge update and efficiency improvement. For young people, learning and embracing innovation is the first step to success.