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ALDRO:Scholarship Success

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Many congratulations to the ten boys who have recently won eleven awards to their senior schools. We are absolutely delighted to announce that the following boys F Palmer and H Wigg have been awarded Music Exhibitions to Charterhouse, M Lenton has been awarded a Music Exhibition to Winchester College, L McGarry has been awarded a Music Scholarship to Sherborne and K Rotov a Music Exhibition to Stowe. O Golding has been awarded an Art Award & Eric Abbot (Sports) Exhibition to Cranleigh, T Elkington has been awarded a Design Engineering  Scholarship at Cranleigh, B Bridges a Eric Abbott Award (Sports) to Cranleigh, S Watson has been awarded a Noble Sports Scholarship to Charterhouse and C Raeside a Peter Attenborough award for Drama at Charterhouse. Well done to them all on their outstanding achievements and Good luck to all the boys who are taking scholarships in the next few weeks.