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Lansheng Education’s Public Lecture -- Improving Focus and Learning Ability with the Assistance of Technology and Guidance from Excellent Teachers

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Langsheng education teaches students how to improve their focus and learning habits, and help them enhance learning efficiency.
Langsheng also brought students and parents Harvard's latest BrainCo headband device, which uses technology to increase students’ focus.
Students could have a free try with the BrainCo headband in the public lecture. Each could wear a headband to participate in brain regulation training, focus training, focus evaluation, focus tracking, and then feel the surprise and fun of improving learning ability.
Focus Learning Experience
The public lecture also innovatively introduced English news reading course, combining high technology with lessons instructed by excellent teachers.
The lesson integrated the application of fundamental English skills with creativity, divergent thinking and critical thinking skills. The students, wearing headbands in the class, could fully experience the integration of technology and quality on-site instruction, as well as the fun of efficient learning with full attention.
After experiencing the BrainCo headband's magical effects, students and parents were so impressed that they wanted to know more about the headband. They hoped to use headbands at home to help their children with their learning and improve their focus, efficiency and academic achievement.
Langsheng education’s public lecture ended in a happy atmosphere. Students read their own focus learning reports and listened carefully to the ideas from BrainCo brain computer experts, all of whom experienced the joy of highly focused learning.   
In the future, Langsheng Education will continue to hold such public lectures to benefit more students and facilitate their learning.