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Rosie Jia (Cambridge)

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Time flies. I didn’t realize that it has been a year since I left Concord. The happy time of upper school is still vivid. I often miss the ease and happiness of the past, especially when I am unhappy and busy with academic work. It is also the reason why I returned to Concord along with friends after the end of the fresh year – going home. Fortunately, in my fresh year at Cambridge, I still have friends who were acquainted with each other at Concord. We share what we want to express and do what we want to do together. This makes the hard days happy and fulfilling. I wish you who have just graduated from Concord College could cherish the memories of these two years of life and to greet a better future. At the same time, please also remember to often meet and contact friends who share these memories together. After all, it is a rare piece of luck to get to know these people and spend the most beautiful youth time together!