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About Us

The exciting surprises Langsheng offers belongs to the brave who dare to explore. Only after stepping out of the comfort zone can you see the opportunities waiting for you in your life. Give hope to yourself and your future, and you will get far more than just improvements in language and capabilities. 

Since we became the designated Chinese representative of Concord College in 2005, Langsheng Education has been focusing on providing high-level and professional service to Chinese students. Over the years, Langsheng has become the Chinese representative of numerous British schools and their Chinese test centres. Langsheng Education’s professional team has been working at the frontier of overseas study, maintaining a close relationship with British schools and regularly organising events for various schools, including events to facilitate communication with sister schools and promotional events aimed at exploring the Chinese market. Together with Beijing No. 4 High School, we organise the Concord Summer School every year, receiving much positive feedback from both students and parents. We will adhere to the ethos of “all for sake of students” and pursue the excellence of service quality through a rigorous and professional approach.and pursue the excellence of service quality through a rigorous and professional approach.


Opportunities and challenges exist side by side, wisdom and fashion go hand in hand: The Elite Club’s 2019 Annual Forum has come to a successful completion
Under the motto of “Walking with Great Minds”, Langsheng Education’s 2019 Elite Club Annual Forum has finally started!
Lansheng Education’s Public Lecture -- Improving Focus and Learning Ability with the Assistance of Technology and Guidance from Excellent Teachers
Langsheng education teaches students how to improve their focus and learning habits, and help them enhance learning efficiency.
Let the dream set sail! Langsheng Education's Pre-departure Briefing for 2019 Concord College Ended!
Recently, Langsheng Education successfully held the pre-departure briefing for Concord College in Shanghai headquarters, providing comprehensive pre-departure information for families who are sending