Training objectives

Drive Excellence

Formerly the Training Department of Langsheng Education, “Langsheng Academy” was founded by Langsheng Education’s Chairman Mr. Francis Ping and President Ms. Lucy Lin. Nowadays, after 3 years of development, Langsheng Academy has grown to be a professional training centre with a campus of 345 m2 employing 7 full-time teachers and over 30 part-time teachers. Together with Langsheng Education, Concord Billingual School and our kindergarten Concord Academy of Langsheng Group, Langsheng Academy aims to help Chinese youth to study and grow. 
The goal of Langsheng Academy is to advocate and uphold the educational ethos of “Interactive Learning”, which emphasizes learning through practice, integrating theoretical knowledge into practical experiences. We believe in learning language through reading as the vehicle and the foundation. Langsheng Academy’s courses not only nurture students’ specialties and help them get accepted by the world’s top universities, but also encourage and inspire them to bolster their thinking and creativity.
Langsheng Academy’s courses include and transcend the usual lessons on the application of basic English skills and develop more higher-level comprehensive thinking skills like analysis, evaluation, and critical thinking.