Concord College

  Founded in 1949, Concord College is situated in Shrewsbury, the most beautiful town in England, with a campus of 112 acres. As a top international school for day and boarding students in England, Concord College provides prominent quality of teaching and fabulous teaching facilities. Concord provides GCSE, A-Level and summer courses and welcomes students from all over the world and the local area into its vibrant community.
Excellent Academic Performance
  As the most prestigious international school, Concord College achieved exceptional academic outcomes. It ranked No.1 in the Co-educational A-Level Schools in The Times in August 2010 and No.3 in August 2011, No.1 in the UK’s Most Valuable Schools in the Financial Times in 2012, No.4 in the UK’s Independent Schools Council (ISC) in 2013, No.3 in the UK’s independent boarding school in The Times in August 2014, No.2 in private boarding schools in the UK’s Private Schools Association (ISC) in 2017. According to the A*/A of GCSE or the ratio of 9-7, Concord College was ranked No.5 in the UK’S Best Co-educational schools in The Times and No.29 in the UK’s Schools in The Daily Telegraph in 2018. According to the ratio of A*/A, Concord College was ranked No.9 in the UK’s Best Co-educational Schools in The Times and No.11 in the UK’s Schools in The Daily Telegraph in 2018. Concord became one of the top 10 co-educational schools in the UK for the first time because of its outstanding performance in GCSE and A-Level examinations. Concord has been the top choice for prospective students from all over the world for many years.
The overall result of A-level examinations of Concord College in 2018 comes as the following: the ratio of A*-A was 81% while the ratio for A* was 36%. The ratio for A*-B was 95%. 185 students achieved 100% passing rate. 126 students achieved 3 or more A, 35 students achieved 3 or more A* and 17 students achieved 4 or more A*. GCSE examinations grade is also a crucial factor to demonstrate students’ abilities and potentials when applying for top ranking universities. Concord College achieved its best GCSE results ever in 2018. Among the courses that are graded from 1-9, the ratio for 7-9 (equivalent to A*/A in the old system) was 87.14% compared to the national average of 20%, 71% for 8-9 compared to the national average of 11%. 46% for 9 compared to the national average of 4.3%. 75 students obtained 198 9s and 151 A*s in total (for the courses that still uses the old grading system). 20 students achieved 8 or more top grades and 42 students achieved 5 or more top grades. More than 75% students achieved at least five 8, 9 or A*.
Ideal Campus Life
    The beautiful campus of Concord College is quiet and peaceful with magnificent buildings and fully-equipped teaching facilities. Every interest or hobby of the students could be fully developed here. Students coming from different cultural backgrounds received sufficient respect and caring from the faculty. Concord pays great attention to fully explore the potential of the students and teaches students according to their individual personality and aptitude. At Concord, grades does not account for everything hence each student would be treated equally to gain the opportunity to exhibit his or her capabilities. Concord specifically aims to cultivate students’ confidence, independence, team spirit and leadership to ensure that every student would remain confident and behave gracefully while interacting with others, especially during University entrance interviews.