Caterham School

Caterham School is a co-educational boarding and day School for students aged from 11 to 18. The School was founded in 1811, in Lewisham, by the Rev. John Townsend to provide a boarding education for the sons of Congregationalist ministers.The School moved to its present location in 1884 as the number of students increased. In 1981, the School enrolled the first female students in preparatory courses. In 1995, the School merged with Eothen School for Girls to create a new independent co-educational foundation.
Excellent Academic Performance
Caterham School is the leading private boarding school in the UK with excellent academic performance. Over the years, most students went to top universities in Britain, such as Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick and University of London. In the A-Level exam in 2018, the A* ratio was nearly 25%, the A*-A ratio was 60%, and the A*-B ratio was 85%. Over the past three years,                          Caterham School has delivered more than 50 students to Oxford and Cambridge.            Caterham's GCSE students also achieved excellent results. For the more challenging GCSE examination after the reform, more than one third of the scores reached the highest 9 points, and more than 80% of the scores reached A*-A or the corresponding points in the new scoring system. Fifty students scored eight or more points or A*, which set a new record for Caterham School. 
Brilliant Learning Environment
Caterham School, located in Surrey County, southwestern England, is 20 miles south of London. It covers 200 acres, with a beautiful environment surrounded by green trees and complete equipment. It's about 40-minute drive to the centre of London and directly accessible by train and bus. It's about 45-minute drive to Heathrow Airport, thus the transportation is very convenient. In order to provide a better learning environment, Caterham School has invested a lot of resources to improve teaching facilities, including renovated dormitories, theaters and auditoriums, science buildings, art centers and canteens, and Humanities classrooms. It has also rebuilt the North Wing Building as a preparatory learning center. In addition, the school promotes tablet computer teaching, so that each student can use e-learning to increase interaction. As all recreational facilities are available in the campus, students can participate in various extracurricular activities as they like. Traditionally, rugby, cricket, hockey and pitching are popular sports. The school has coaches for rugby, hockey and cricket, and encourages students to take an active part in various sports.