Godolphin School

Godolphin School, founded in 1726, is a traditional British independent girl’s boarding school. This school attaches great importance to the development of every student in academics, art, sports, society, etc. Here students are encouraged to fully show their talents. The school also strives to create the most ideal environment for students’ learning and growth, so that students can fully practice both inside and outside the classroom, which helps improve their sense of responsibility and independence.  
Excellent Academic Performance
In the 2018 GCSE exam, its A*, 8 or 9 ratio exceeded 1/3, and the ratio of A or 7 exceeded 2/3. Nearly one third of the students get five or more A*, 8 or 9. In the A-Level exam in 2018, the A*-A ratio of Godolphin School was 51.18%, A*-B ratio was 82.68%, 1/4 of the students got three or more A* or A, and half of the students got two or more A* or A. This year Godolphin has achieved good results in Biology, Business, Greek, Latin, French, Spanish, Mathematics, Geography and Physics, which shows that Godolphin's academic strength not only lies in STEM, but also in many other courses. Ms. Emma Hattersley, the principal of Godolphin School, said she was very satisfied with their performance in 2018. Nearly 90% of the students got into their first-choice university, including Durham University, University of Warwick, University of Bath, University of Bristol, University of Edinburgh, University of Exeter, University of Leeds, University of Manchester, etc. 
The school is located in Salisbury, Wiltshire of southern England, which enjoys a long history and beautiful environment. It is about 90-minute drive to Bristol and 110-minute drive to London. Godolphin School has first-class teaching facilities and extracurricular activity facilities, including modern teaching buildings, audio rooms, professional laboratories, theatre centers, studios, ceramics rooms, sewing rooms, various ball games venues, indoor swimming pools, gyms and so on. Students can participate in all kinds of activities in their spare time, so as to achieve all-round growth. 
Godolphin School offers students five boarding houses: Walters, Cooper, Sayers, School and Jerred. In all houses there are the houseparents who take care of the children’s daily life. The houses are also equipped with living rooms, dining rooms, libraries, recreation rooms and musical instrument practice rooms to enrich students' extracurricular life. Schools regularly organize various social activities to cultivate students' comprehensive quality. In addition, the school is equipped with full-time doctors and medical staff to take care of the health of all students, and regularly reports to parents on their children's health. 
The GCSE courses offered by the school include: English, English Literature, Mathematics, Modern Languages (French, German or Spanish), Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), Art and Design, Ancient Civilizations, Ancient Greek History, Craft Design, Drama and Film, Geography, History, Statistics, Music, Spanish, Religious studies, etc.      
A-Level courses include: Art and Design, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Ancient Civilizations, Craft Design, Drama, Economics, English Literature, French, Further Mathematics, Geography, German, History, Art History, Latin, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Religious Studies, etc.