Bosworth Independent College

Bosworth Independent College, founded in 1977, is situated in Northampton, England. It is a top British private secondary school, which has excellent teaching quality and comprehensive pastoral care. This school attaches great importance to fostering students' enthusiasm and interest in disciplines and encourages them to explore their potential. With its outstanding academic achievements and education for all, it has received many praises both locally and globally. And it was voted the second most popular private secondary school in the UK by New Straits Times in 2014. 
Excellent Academic Achievements
Bosworth Independent College has maintained excellent academic performance, with an A*/A ratio of 42.6% in 2018, of which A* accounts for 14.9% and A 27.7%. 83% of the results were in the A*/C range, and 70.2% in the A*/B range. 40% of the students received at least three A or A*. In 2018, 55% of the students enrolled in Russell Group's universities, including one Chinese female student who received a full scholarship from Cambridge University including living expenses. 
GCSE examination results are also a very important indicator, which is a crucial factor to reflect the ability and potential of students when applying for top universities. The GCSE exam of Bosworth Independent College in 2018 also achieved the best results ever under the new scoring system. 
Brilliant Learning Environment
There are more than 310 students in the school. Every year, students from different countries come to the school so students can get in touch with different cultures all over the world. The students in the school are mainly 14 to 19 years old. The school provides a suitable curriculum for each student. Each class is composed on average of eight students, and every student can get the attention and guidance of the teacher. The school provides six dormitories for students: St. Georges, Poplars, Farthings, Calderfield, Lime Trees and Victoria. In all dormitories there are the houseparents who take care of the children’s daily life. School regularly organizes various social practice activities to cultivate students' overall quality. In addition, the school has full-time medical staff to take care of the health of all students. The school not only pays attention to students' academic achievements, but also to cultivating students' self-confidence, self-reliance, teamwork and leadership ability, so as to ensure that every graduate can have more opportunities in a broader world.