Loretto School

Loretto School is a Scottish traditional independent boarding and day school founded in 1827. Sitting in the coastal town of Marcel on the edge of Edinburgh, Scotland, this time-honoured school provides comprehensive education for approximately 600 boarding and day students. Through the cultivation of students' academic ability, artistic inspiration, extracurricular activities and sports, the school aims to develop students academically, physically and mentally. Loretto is also prestigious for its warm and family-like living environment, traditional values and emphasis on developing students’ thoughts, body and mind. It adjusts its teaching methods in time according to the demand for new talents in the society. Loretto emphasizes on fostering young pupils who seek to realize their personal values, to strengthen their leadership skills and to serve others. While paying attention to the development of academic abilities, the school also requires students to develop critical thinking skills, respect others, be creative and have a sense of responsibility through school life.
Excellent Academic Performance
In the 2018 A-Level examinations, 36.5% of students achieved A* and A while 14 students achieved straight A*/A. Students from Loretto School achieved greater success in this year’s enrollment of Oxbridge . The fourteen candidates of Oxbridge this year all entered the final stage of university entrance interview and in the end, three of them were admitted by University of Oxford and two of them were admitted by University of Cambridge. More than 90% of the graduates achieved grades that meet the requirements for university entrance and among them, many students received unconditional offer because of their outstanding application package. The university destination of the graduates this year includes University of Aberdeen, University of Bristol, University of Dundee, Durham University, University of Edinburgh, University of Exeter, University of Glasgow, University of Lancaster, University of London, University of Loughborough, University of Manchester, University of Newcastle, University of St Andrews, University of Stirling, University of Warwick and University of York. Besides, more students got into the foreign universities. Four students were admitted by Northwestern University, University of Pennsylvania and Saint Joseph’s University and two of them received scholarships for golf and ice hockey respectively. The students of Loretto School also scored their best GCSE results this year since 2011. Nine students scored 9-7 in all the courses and more than 40% of the students achieved 9 to 7 (equivalent to A*/A in the old grading system). This ratio is twice as the national average figure of 20.5% ranging from the subjects of English to Math, Art, French, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.
Ideal Campus Life
    The Golf Academy of Loretto School is one of the UK’s best Golf Academies and it is prestigious in the UK. This academy hires professional golf coaches to provide premium training for the gifted students to develop their talents. Meanwhile, the school also provides the best academic education for these students. The Golf Academy’s achievements so far include winning the HMC Quadruple and the Independent School Golf League.
    Loretto School's philosophy and educational impact lie in developing and encouraging students to become self-rigorous, modest and courteous. It provides scholarships for the exceptional students who behave extraordinarily well in the fields of academic, art, drama, music and sports.  
Brilliant Artistic Achievements
    Loretto School is a school with rich resources in music, drama and art. It has always been a leader in this area, and its music department ranks among the top five among schools in the UK. Music courses are very popular with students. About 60% of students take personal music tutoring courses. Music performances are very important parts of school life.