Millfield School

Founded in 1935, Millfield School is located in Somerset, Southwest England. As one of the largest co-educational school in the UK, it admits students aged 2-18 worldwide and offers GCSE and A-Level courses. The school owns the best prep and senior school facilities in the UK, and these world-class facilities allow Millfield to regularly host national and international championships, training camps, concerts, stage plays and evenings parties. The school is prestigious for its elite education. It pays attention to the comprehensive cultivation of students’ abilities, strives to create a good learning and social environment, gives students different experiences and opportunities, helps students overcome their weaknesses, encourages and cultivates students to show their strengths and independence, including self-confidence, leadership and sports ability, to give full play to their potential, and cultivate students to become intellectual, flexible and responsible young adults.
Excellent Academic Performance
The school flourishes and develops harmoniously with the efforts of an extraordinary team of teachers. The school's academic performance is excellent. In the GCSE exam of 2018, Millfield made another great achievement. The ratio of A*-A was 46%, A*-B was 80.1%, A*-C was 92.8%. Among the top 100 students, the ratio of A*-A was 78.3%, A*-B was 97.7% and A*-C was 99.8%. Among them, the ratio of A* or 9-8 was 27%. The ratio of 9 was 15%, while the national average was 4%. The overall pass rate (9-4 points or A*-C) was 93%, while the national average was 67%. Three science courses achieved GCSE high scores of 9-7 or A*/A. The high score ratio of Physics was 85%, Biology was 82%, Chemistry was 79%. Latin's high score ratio was also very prominent, reaching 83%. Forty-four students scored 9-7 or A*-A in eight or more subjects. In 2018, the A*-A ratio was 32.6%, A*-B ratio was 56.6%, A*-C ratio was 83.6%. In the A-Level, the A*-A ratio was 26.7%, A*-B ratio was 55%, A*-C ratio was 82.8%. Many of its graduates have got into University of Oxford, Imperial College London, King's College London, Durham University, University of Bath and London University of Art to study philosophy, chemistry, psychology, bio-pharmaceuticals, etc. Many of its students who applied to American universities got into the University of California, Northwest University, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma State University and Parsons School of Design in New York to continue their studies.                 
Brilliant Learning Environment
In 1935, Jack Meyer (famous cricketer in the history of University of Cambridge), the founder of Millfield School, ended his trading business in India and returned to the UK, accompanied by 6 Indian princes. Millfield School was established to provide the best education for these princes. The school was originally set up in the Millfield House belonging to Clarks Family, who own a famous 100-year shoe brand in Britain, and named after it. Through the ongoing construction for about 80 years, the school now owns the best prep and senior school facilities, and the sports facilities has reached the world-class standard. The school owns at least 15 tennis courts, 3 golf fields, multiple football fields, racing field, Two equestrian centers (domesticating more than 60 horses), swimming pools, indoor and outdoor track and field, hockey field, rugby field, football field, racing field, fencing hall, squash hall and cricket court. Millfield is the cradle of Olympians. Since 1956, the school has contributed 54 national athletes to the British Olympic delegation. In London 2012 alone, more than 20 Olympic athletes from Millfield represented their country in the Olympic Games, including two British gold medalists. 
The school is a 2-hour ride from London, 2-hour-and-40-minute ride from Heathrow Airport, 15-minute ride from Castle Cary, 50-minute ride from Bath and 30-minute ride from Yeovil Junction Railway Station. There are convenient flights to other parts of Europe and Britain.