St. Michael's School

St. Michael’ s School, founded in 1923, has been located in Bryn, Camarson since 1928. It has a very stable management system ever since. The founder of the school were the Rees brothers. The Preparatory School was founded in 1981 and has been developing steadily. There are more than 400 students in the whole school. The Preparatory School and the Senior School are both co-educational. In recent years, the school has also broadened its policies and accepted international students.
St. Michael's School can enroll international students aged 11 to 18 and provides boarding. For those who have passed the English proficiency test, they can enter the corresponding year group and take Pre-GCSE, GCSE or A level courses. All students who study at St. Michael's School will take EFL courses if they are needed. According to the current requirements of universities, students' minimum IELTS scores needs to be 6.5 or 7. St. Michael's School will give every student sufficient opportunities to develop their own language skills, so that their language ability can reach the required level.  
Extraordinary academic performance
Almost all St. Michael's F6 students will get into their ideal universities, and there will always be students getting into Oxford and Cambridge every year. The school's students have excellent academic performance, and the school is also proud of its excellent learning environment.
Among all the A-Level test scores in 2018, the A*/A ratio rose from 57% last year to 60.9% this year, the A*-B ratio rose from 80% last year to 88.5% this year, and the A*-C ratio rose from 95% last year to 96.2% this year. Because of its excellent A-level performance, the school ranked 30th in this year's Times ranking list of the best private schools of mixed male and female students in the UK. This puts St. Michael's School in a very important position across the country, with some of the highest scores being top in the UK. Graduates of 2018 have got into Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College London, Queen Mary University, University of Bath, University of Southampton, University of Exeter, University of Leeds, University of Cardiff, University of Warwick, University of Bristol, University of Edinburgh, University of Birmingham and etc. One of the two students who got into Cambridge this year was from Hong Kong, China, and there were 10 students who were admitted to medical colleges. The success rate of students applying for medical colleges is 90%. In 2018, the ratio of A*/A is 69.2%, A*/B 42.6%, A*/B 88.3% and A*-C 97%. GCSE scores will lay the foundation for future A-Level examinations. 
Warm atmosphere for study
St. Michael's School sees students of every year group as a part of the school family. Usually, teachers will move forward with students and teach them throughout their years in St. Michael’s, so that a close and stable teacher-student relationship can be formed and teachers can provide better assistance, encouragement and guidance for students. In such a mutual support system, if students are anxious or have worries, there are always someone ready to help them. In addition, there are two teachers who specialize in providing student counseling and caring, so as to provide space for young students to express their opinions confidently. With the care of school teachers and staff, students can overcome the difficulties encountered in their study and life.                              
School not only pays attention to students' academic achievements, but also their physical and mental health. Every week, all the students have two game classes. In addition, many sports activities are provided during noon. The school also participates in various inter-school competitions. The school has its own area for activities, suitable for swimming, wall climbing, golf, etc. Every semester, outings and trips are organized, and they can help students reinforce the knowledge they learned in the classroom. The school can provide a platform for students to develop their academic abilities as well as social skills. The majority of their AS students will progress to A2 regardless of results. If a student gets BCC at AS they can continue to A2. If a student achieved DDE then they would be encouraged to re-sit the year or if it was clear that A Levels are beyond them, then we would look at alternative Foundation options at its Sister school – Bosworth Independent College. Of course the school’s teachers are selective for Year 12 in terms of linguistic ability and they review the academics but they certainly take a mixed ability level when it comes to student entrance. This year the school placed 2 students into Oxbridge, one candidate being Chinese, from Hong Kong and the school placed 10 students into Medical School. In terms of Medical progression the school has a 90% success rate.