Ashbourne College

  Ashbourne College, founded in 1981, is one of the best independent schools in London. The school provides high-quality teaching in an informal and friendly atmosphere, so that every student can feel happy, confident, and can tap into their potential. More than half of the school’s students come from countries other than Britain, with more than 200 students from as many as 40 different countries. Ashbourne's three main advantages are excellent academic performance, adequate personal care and superior geographical location.
Excellent Academic Achievements
  Ashbourne’s students achieved excellent A-level results in 2018, with a 50% A*/A ratio, far exceeding the national average level. In addition, the ratio of A*/B is 76%, and the ratio of A*/C  is 91%. 54% of the students went to Russell Group University. The school provides each student with a UCAS mentor to guide them to complete every step of the admission process. The school has special courses in highly competitive fields such as medicine and engineering. Although academic subjects are particularly popular, school encourage students to pursue courses that suit their abilities and aspirations.  
Brilliant Learning Environment
  Ashbourne's main building at Old Court Place can fully support A-level teaching. In addition to the classroom, there is also a library, which has computers and the Internet, as well as a variety of learning resources. There are special laboratories for teaching science subjects and ICT.                                                         
  All students can use computers in Ashbourne. The school has a computer suite in the main building of Old Court Place where students are welcome to use computers to work, check emails and print any documents. Students with laptops can also use wireless broadband services. The school recently installed interactive whiteboards in several classrooms. These are computer interface with multimedia display, which can improve the diversity of teaching methods and teaching quality. The school encourages students to use these devices in class as part of classroom demonstrations. Visual Arts in the A-level and GCSE departments are housed in the school's Young Street building, which is just two minutes away from Old Court Place. There is a large art studio, which can accommodate paintings, sketches, silk screen printing and ceramics, as well as photographic facilities, including a fully equipped darkroom and graphic design room. In the media and film making, students use Mac software, such as iWeb, iDVD and iMovie. They can also use Photoshop CS to make graphical packaging for their work. Once students learn the basic knowledge of filming, creative sound effects technology and film editing in the first year, they will fully grasp the basics of film production so that they can use more complex software in the second year, such as Final Cut Pro. In addition, Ashbourne's Media and Film Lab is equipped with plasma TV, multi-area DVD players, a good stock of British and world film DVDs, a large number of textbooks and copies of journals such as Vision and Voice. 
Unique Advantage for Academic Life
  The advantage of preparatory school (3-11 years old, co-educational): CAS could be issued to T4 students, and parents of students under age of 12 could apply for accompanying visas. The minimum acceptable entry age of day school for Chinese students is 5, and for those who are going to the boarding school, the minimum age would be 8.
    The advantage of senior school (11-18 years old, girl’s only): The ratio of A*/A in the A-Level test was 51.03%. Many students got into Oxford, Cambridge and other Top 10 universities in the UK. Chinese students performed well among the graduates. 
    The advantage of international learning centre (13-17 years old, co-educational): The school offers Pre GCSE courses and Pre A-Level (1-year IGCSE) courses and student can enroll every term.
    Many of the top graduates successfully got into top independent schools in the UK such as Harrow School, CLC (Cheltenham Ladies College), Shrewsbury School and Oundle School after they finished the 1-year Pre A-Level courses.