As the leader in the field of young students studying abroad, Langsheng Education has always been focused on providing the premium and professional studying abroad service for Chinese students. Over the years, Langsheng Education has sent hundreds of outstanding students to prestigious private high schools in Britain and the United States. All along, Langsheng Education has never forgotten its root, adhering to the belief and attitude of “All for Students”, caring for the growth of students, providing all-around personalized VIP customized study abroad program for students, and dedicating to find the most suitable way for each student to get promoted to next level of the study at school.

As the only school representative of famous British universities such as Kant College and the admissions offices of many universities in China, the professional team of LANXESS Education has been at the forefront of study abroad. We provide the most professional international education information consultation for the majority of students and families, provide Chinese marketing for each school in the UK, and provide career planning guidance for the students who are studying and graduated. Through our professional level and unremitting efforts, we hope to provide tailor-made services for customers with different needs, and make LANXESS Education a diversified international education platform.

Provide high-end study abroad services
Langsheng Education is the only school representative of Kant College and Ruth College in mainland China. We are also the Admissions Office of Strath Allen School, Laritu High School, Goethe Fin School, Kateham School, Mayfield School, Wycliffe College, Millfield School, Calford School and Dover College. Specializing in the enrollment of students in these schools in China:
1、Get school and student letters
Every year, we visit every partner school and communicate with the principal and the teacher to get first-hand information. In addition, we invite and arrange school representatives to visit China every year to hold alumni meeting activities to learn about the latest developments of the school and the details of the students. On the academic side, we conduct an in-depth study of the annual school rankings (such as the Financial Times, The Times, etc.) and analyze and interpret the “Independent School Monitoring Report”. In addition to academics, we will use the school weekly and other materials to fully understand the various platforms that schools provide to students in areas such as art, sports, and music. In summary, we will evaluate our school objectively and fairly from all aspects to better select students for the school.
2、Information organization and promotion
We will organize and edit the comprehensive information about these schools through these channels and feed them back to students, parents and educational intermediaries. We will organize and edit the list of UK schools ranked by authoritative media and promote them through our annual "British Schools" and "Learning in the United States". In addition, we will also compile and compile according to the brochures and event information provided by the school, so as to better let the Chinese parents know the specific details of the school outside the academic field, so that they can choose the right school for their children.
3、School choice and application
We will conduct a thorough investigation of each consultant to ensure that we can make reasonable recommendations. We require applicants to provide official transcripts from the school, combined with the background of their school to verify the student's level of study in China. We ask each applicant to submit a personal statement and recommendation letter, so that we can further examine the students' English level and thinking ability. For applicants who apply for a designated school, we will arrange an evaluation test for them but will not provide any reference materials. We believe that this will help reflect the students' most realistic English level, rather than the high scores they get through a short period of surprise. In addition to learning, we will also have in-depth conversations with parents to understand the students' growth experience, personality traits, hobbies and other comprehensive information. We will fully combine the information of the school and the students to give students the most reasonable advice on studying abroad, assist them in preparing the application materials, fill out the application form and submit the application.
4、Arrange for entrance exams
Langsheng Education provides great convenience for Chinese students to apply for the schools we represent, and this kind of convenience is difficult for schools that need students to travel to foreign countries to participate in assessment interviews. LANXESS Education has offices in Beijing and Shanghai, making it easy for students from different regions to take exams at various times. For schools that need to organize a unified exam, we will group students to arrange the most suitable test room for students after the registration deadline, and to facilitate their transportation as much as possible. We will arrange interviews for the school's interviewers in China, design a reasonable interview student and a timetable for receiving parents, so that the efficiency of the school's enrollment work is greatly improved.
5、 New student enrollment
For students who have already been admitted to the school, we will handle the deposit and tuition payment and other related matters. For families with visas, we also provide visa services: to guide students in preparing visa materials, to help students with material translation, and to provide mailing services to students in Beijing and Shanghai to ensure that students can enter school on time. We will inform the school of the student's flight information and other conditions to help the school arrange the pick-up. In addition, before the students leave, we will provide students with the necessary guidance on common sense of life abroad to help them adapt to school life more quickly.
6、 Follow-up service
We provide study assistant services for students with different needs to help them learn and live abroad better and improve communication between school and family. On the day of the student's enrollment, we will get in touch with the school in time to communicate whether the student has arrived on time, whether it has been properly placed, etc., and inform the parents of the situation at the first time. We will regularly learn about the students' study and life abroad, provide reasonable advice and help, and help them to successfully pass the study abroad period. In terms of learning, we will send the study report issued by the school to the parents, and provide corresponding Chinese translations so that parents can keep abreast of the children's learning abroad. When students encounter difficulties in academic study, we will communicate with the school in a timely manner, analyze the students' academic learning, provide reasonable solutions to students' problems in learning, and give guidance on learning methods. In terms of life, we will translate and explain the school's school journal and various notification documents to let parents know about the various activities and trends of the school, encourage children to participate in school activities, integrate into school life, increase experience, and apply for future university applications and careers. Career lays a solid foundation.

Building a bridge between China and foreign countries
Through the most effective publicity methods such as books, annual magazines and summer camp activities, LANXESS Education is committed to promoting cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries and providing a strong platform for overseas schools to promote in China.
1. Jingzhihui
Langsheng Education founded the Jingzhi Club in June 2012, creating a social circle of cultural exchanges for international students who graduated from top universities abroad. It also provides top-notch internships and job recommendation opportunities for these outstanding students. Jingzhi Club currently has nearly 40 active members from Oxford University, Cambridge University, London School of Economics and Political Science, MIT and other top 10 universities in the UK from the top 10 or the top 50 in the United States. In addition, Jingzhihui has strong partners, including Roland Berger, PricewaterhouseCoopers, China Life and other world-renowned companies. Every year, we cooperate with these companies to organize exchange activities, invite senior industry insiders to share various experience and knowledge, and provide members with professional work and career development consultation and recommendation of internship opportunities. At present, our students have successfully completed internships in Ernst & Young and Standard Chartered Bank through the platform of Jingzhihui, laying a solid foundation for future careers. Jingzhi will continue to connect with the students from the top universities in the United States and the United States to help them smoothly enter the workplace from the campus, thus achieving the goal of “the elite gathering, the wisdom of the world”.
2.Jingzhi Education Publications
In 2012 and 2013, LANXESS Education established the publications “Jingzhi & Bull; British Famous School” and “Jingzhi & Bull; Learning in the United States”, which are updated every year. The content details the necessary knowledge about the Anglo-American education system and social and humanities, and builds a professional platform for the majority of Chinese students who are eager to understand the Anglo-American society, providing them with rigorous guidance for studying abroad.
3.Come on kids
Ms. Chi Li, a famous Chinese female writer, is curious and yearning for the numerous Chinese children and parents in the British CC Middle School described in "Come on, Children", and this mysterious CC Middle School is the top British universities & mdash;— Concord College , Kant College, UK. Ms. Chi is a good friend of Mr. Ping Fan, the chairman of LANXESS Education, and her daughter Lu Yichi also studied at Concord College in the UK (C.C in the book). In the book, she described in detail the daughter's experience in CC and her appreciation and gratitude to CC. For an overseas school, the exquisite and sincere textual descriptions of famous local writers are far more touching than the cold and simple data and the advertisements created by huge amounts of money. For a time, “Kant College of the United Kingdom” became a hot topic for Chinese parents who want to send their children abroad [good school & rsquo; reading”. As the only school representative of Kant College in the UK, LANXESS Education is committed to letting students and parents fully understand Kant and fully appreciate the unique charm of Kant College as one of the top universities in the UK.
LANXESS Education will continue to uphold the conviction of “changing for better”, pursuing excellent service quality with rigorous and professional attitude, and making unremitting efforts to create a diversified international education platform!