VIP custom consultation

Our educational consulting services include:
Help to screen and apply to the independent/private secondary schools in the UK/US.
We will fully investigate each prospective student to ensure that we will make sensible recommendations. We require applicants to provide official school transcripts to verify their academic performance in China based on their schools’ background. We ask each applicant to submit a personal statement and reference letters, so that we can further examine the students' English proficiency and thinking capability. We will arrange assessment tests for applicants for designated schools but will not provide any reference materials. We think it helps to reflect the students' real English level rather than the high scores they get through in a short period of time. In addition to academics, we will also have in-depth conversations with students’ parents to understand students’ growth, personality, interests and hobbies and other information. We will take information of schools and students into consideration to provide the most sensible advice on overseas study for the students, and assist them to prepare the application documents, such as filling in the application form and submitting the application
Provide UK and US Bachelor’s and Master's application guidance
We provide guidance on applications for university and foundation courses, as well as timely and accurate information on overseas education markets, introduce the relevant countries’ educational systems and policies, assess the students' current education or qualifications, and develop solutions for students based on the assessments. Meanwhile, we will help students to prepare information about the school applications, assist in completing schools’ application process, and provide visa services for them.
Help to prepare application documents
We instruct students to complete personal statements, drafting, modifying, and finalizing the documents. We also help to fill out the application forms, collect reference letters, organize and translate certificates of honor.
Provide Examination Center of British and American Private Secondary School
As the sole Chinese test center for many schools, Langsheng Education provides great convenience for Chinese students to apply to the schools we represent.With such great convenience, students do not need to go abroad to attend the assessments and interviews. Langsheng Education has offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen, so it is convenient for students from different regions to take the examinations at different times. For schools that need to organize unified examinations, we will group students to arrange the most suitable exam centre after the registration deadline, and to facilitate their transport as much as possible. We will arrange the itinerary for schools’ interviewers in China, and design a reasonable schedule for them to interview students and receive parents, so as to greatly improve the efficiency of schools’ recruitment.
Handle international students' admissions process
For the students who have been admitted by the school, we will help to handle deposit and tuition payment and other related matters. We also provide visa services for students' families in need of visas: instruct students to prepare visa documents, translate documents for students, and provide students with visa delivery services in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen to ensure that students can get to the school on time. We will inform the school of students' flight information and other information collectively, so as to help the school arrange to pick up students at the airport. In addition, before students leave, we will provide them with necessary guidance such as general knowledge and experiences of living abroad, so as to help them adapt to the campus life more quickly.
Help to apply for various types of visa
Student Visa: We instruct students to prepare all visa application documents and help to translate all Chinese documents into English version.
We accompany students to submit their visa application documents to the local visa center in Shanghai, Beijing or Shenzhen.
Parent Visa: We instruct parents to prepare application documents for all short-term visitor’s visas and help to translate all Chinese documents into English. We accompany parents to submit their visa application documents to the local visa center in Shanghai, Beijing or Shenzhen.