Personalized Follow-up service

Personalized Follow-up Service
We visit every partner school every year to communicate fully with the principals and teachers, getting first-hand information. We also invite and arrange school representatives to visit China to attend alumni meeting events, learning about the latest news of the schools and the details of current students. On the academic aspect, we conduct an in-depth research of the annual school ranking lists (from Financial Times, The Times, etc.) and analyze the “Independent School Monitoring Report”. In addition to the academic aspect, we will make use of schools’ weekly publication and other materials to fully understand various platforms that schools provide for students in the fields of arts, sports and music. In summary, Langsheng Education evaluates all aspects of schools objectively and fairly to better select students for schools.
The personalized follow-up services we provide mainly include: (Please consult relevant staff of the Chinese offices for details)
Communicate and deal with all the study and life issues during the school terms;
Translate all the study reports, important notices and documents into Chinese, and inform parents by phone or email;
Follow up and guide the progress for Form 5 (the second year of GCSE) students to get promoted to A-level class;
Provide A2 students with guidance on university application.