Langsheng’s Ethos
As a pioneer in overseas study services, Langsheng Education has been focusing on providing high-level and professional services to child students. Over the years, Langsheng Education has sent hundreds of students to the top independent schools in the UK and the USA. Langsheng has never forgotten its original mission and has adhered to the ethos and attitude of “all for the sake of students”, taking care of the growth of students and provide them with individualized and all-inclusive VIP overseas study plan, with the ultimate aim of supporting each student to move forward to the school that fits them best. In the past ten years, taking the motto “Professional, Individual, Caring” as our service standard, we hope to offer overseas study service of the highest quality to every student and their parents. We have helped dozens of students to enter world-class universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, etc.
Langsheng Education has a very professional team. Every team member has many years of working experiences in the field of education and most of them have studied abroad themselves. In the past ten years, Langsheng’s team has also been building up their professional knowledge and team work. Every year, we organise our staff to visit schools in the UK and the US to do research and study, to better understand the education market of both countries and to keep updated with the reforms in education.
Langsheng believes that every student has his or her own characteristics and every family has different background and needs. Thus, Langsheng hopes to provide tailor-made study plans matching their unique needs. According to the characteristics and needs of the students, a team of teachers will work together to create a personalized study plan and future learning schedule for each student, satisfying different needs of the student and their parents at different stages of choosing schools, applying to the schools, studying abroad and continuing study.
Langsheng hopes to participate in every stage of life of Langsheng students and maintain a long-lasting friendship with every family. For this reason, Langsheng organises every year “Parent Ambassador” events and Elite Club events because we hope they can provide help and guidance for both their studies and future careers. We wish to provide a platform for face-to-face communication among students and parents, to understand their thoughts and expectations, to relieve them of their questions and worries.
“It takes a decade to forge a sword.” Ten years is often the time period to evaluate the success of undertakings. We would like to thank all the students and parents for trusting and supporting us in our first decade. In the future, we will continue to adhere to the motto of “Change for a better way” and keep moving forward.