Mayfield School

With a glorious history of 150 years, Mayfield School is a time-honoured Catholic boarding and day school for girls. As a religious school, it has lower school and senior school to offer GCSE and A-Level for girls from 11-18. In addition, a preparatory course in Art and Design for University of Cambridge has been offered. The school has a rigorous style of study, high quality of teaching and is committed to providing students with a pleasant, friendly and caring environment. The school's inspiring teaching methods, high qualifications and professional teaching staff promote students to excel in all areas of learning.  
Excellent Academic Achievement
Mayfield School has excellent academic performance with many extraordinary academic institutions. Its extracurricular activities are plentiful, and its pastoral care is exemplary. But above all else, Mayfield is a happy school. The school also emphasizes on cultivating the creativity and independence of students. Latest ISI inspection report states that the quality of education at Mayfield is "outstanding". Country Life magazine described Mayfield as "one of the finest schools in the land." In the A-Level exam of 2018, the ratio of A* was 20%,the ratio of A*/A was near 60%, and and the ratio of A*-B was close to 80%. Nearly 1/3 of the students achieved 3 or more A*/A. The grades of 14 subjects this year all reached A*-B this year. Maths is still the most popular subject, with the ratio of A* reaching 30% and A*/A reaching 83%. The Creative Art subjects in the curriculum are equivalently outstanding. Nearly all the students achieved A*/A in Art, Ceramics and Textile, with 60% achieved A*. The students received offers from a series of excellent universities including University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial College of Technology, London University College, Durham University, Edinburgh University, and Bristol University.
The students of Mayfield School also performed well in this year’s GCSE test. Nearly half of the grades were 9-8 or A*. The ratio of A*/A was more than 70% and 98% for the ratio of A*/C. In addition, the ratio of A*/C has remained the same for 6 years. Nearly 30% of the students achieved 9-7 or A*/A in all the subjects. In the subjects of Biology, Chemistry and Geology, 82% of the grades were 9-7 (equivalent to A*/A). In Creative Arts and Performing Arts, nearly 70% grades were 9-7, while in Mathematics and Further Mathematics, nearly 2/3 score were 9-7.
Brilliant Learning Environment
Located in the heart of Goldwell, in the beautiful and tranquil Sussex, the school covers 75 acres. The school is only 50 miles from downtown London, about 30 minutes by train. It takes 30 minutes to drive to London Gatwick Airport and 1 hour to London Heathrow Airport. The school curriculum is designed to reflect the cultural heritage of Catholicism of the school and is rooted in the founder's beliefs, so the rich curriculum is designed to provide more in-depth and extensive opportunities for the girls to meet their personal needs and to ensure a free and joyful learning environment for all of them. In addition to the academic courses, the school also arranged various courses for students from grade 7 to grade 9 to exercise their life skills, so that they can both obtain academic education and life experiences.