Choosing schools

Criteria for Choosing U.S. Schools for Overseas Study 
       How to choose a suitable high school for children? It is well known that academic performance is very important. With many years’ experience in overseas study application, Langsheng Education hereby lists the most important school selection criteria in addition to the academic performance for your reference.    
(1)School Location
      The choice of the school location usually depends on the expectation of parents and their friends. Generally speaking, the eastern and western part of the United States is relatively more prosperous, with convenient transportation, profound cultural heritage, and more schools. These are the regions where most parents and students choose. However, the cost is more high, usually at $50,000 per year or more. At the same time, there is fierce competition and a high proportion of Chinese students. On the contrary, the central part of the United States, although not as prosperous as the eastern and western parts, has many good schools as well. It costs much less to study there, generally around $30,000 per year. Local people are sincere and honest. There are fewer Chinese students and local schools and people value Chinese students.
(2)Types of Accommodation
       There are boarding schools and day schools. The advantage of boarding schools is that all students are treated equally, saving trouble for parents. The school relationship is simple, which is just the relationship between students and teachers. It is relatively easy for students to adapt to. The advantages of day schools are good language environment, integration into the local society, direct contact with American society, and the feeling of home.
(3)School Aims
       Based on school aims, American middle schools can be classified into 4 types, college-preparatory schools, ordinary high schools, vocational schools, schools for students with special needs. 
(4)School Gender 
       American middle schools can be classified into co-educational schools and single-sex schools, namely, boys’ school and girls’ school. The choice should be based on children’s preference. Apart from general education, single-sex schools also provide special education for children of this gender, such as physiology education for girls, education on appearance and manners, precautions against violations, etc. However, it is not a good idea to force students to attend single-sex schools when they don’t want to get along with only peers of the same gender.  
(5)Other conditions
       Besides, you should take other factors into account when choosing a school, such as whether the school has a religious background, the school’s admission requirements, the school size and the total number of students, whether ELS course is offered, whether the school has foreign students and the number of foreign students, the number of the school’s AP courses, the school’s average SAT scores and leavers’ destination, and the financial condition of your family.  
       Please contact us for further information if you want to know more details. We will help you to solve various problems related to pursuing overseas study in the U.S.