Wycliffe College

Wycliffe College was founded in 1882 and covers 52 acres. As a top tier high school in the UK, the school has extraordinary teaching quality and fully-equipped teaching facilities. Wycliffe College has lower prep, preparatory and senior school for students aged of 3-18. The school offers preparatory courses, GCSE courses and A-level courses to recruit elite students from both the local area and from all over the world.
Noteworthy academic achievements
  Wycliffe College has very outstanding academic performance. According to the latest ISI report, Wycliffe College possesses remarkable teaching quality. In the GCSE test of 2018, the ratio for 9-4 was 93% and for 9-5 was 80%. Students' artistic performance continues to be outstanding, and two-thirds of the students who take the art exam get the highest score of 9. In the A-level exam in 2018, one in eight students got three or more A*/A, one in six students got at least two A, and 60% of students got two B or better. The university destinations for the graduates of 2018 included Oxford, Imperial College London, University College London and other well-known universities. 
Brilliant Learning Environment
  The campus of Wycliffe College is quiet and peaceful. The buildings in the campus are magnificent and the facilities are fully equipped here to ensure that all kinds of interests of the students here could be fully developed. Students from different cultural backgrounds can get enough respect and caring here, and they can get along well with the teachers. Wycliffe College emphasizes on discovering students’ potential in areas including academics, sports and art, and cultivating students’ communication skills, creativity and independent thinking abilities. Meanwhile, the school attaches great importance to the cultivation of students' moral character and encourages sharing, advocates mutual respect between teachers and students and among students, and fosters students' social awareness and ability to cope with various challenges. Wycliffe College provides various rich extracurricular activities. Whether on stage, in choirs, in stadiums, on mountains or by the river bank, every Wycliffe College student has the opportunity to enjoy a variety of extracurricular activities. Through a series of comprehensive activities, students can exercise their team work abilities, initiative and resource management skills. Wycliffe College has its own theatre and comprehensive theatre club which organizes theatrical activities annually. In addition, schools often organize trips to local theatre productions. The school also values music. There are formal and informal concerts in all grades. Scholarships are offered to freshmen in Year 9 and Year 12 every school year. Music tours to Venice, Spain, Provence, Prague, Vienna, Germany, Belgium and the United States are also held regularly. In order to cultivate students' tough will, strong mental quality and sense of responsibility, the school has the Wycliffe Combined Cadet Force for students aged 13 to 18. Students have the opportunity to participate in various military activities and field training to master cooking, camping, navigation and other survival skills.