Middle school study

Why do we choose American High School?
       The United States has centuries-old tradition of private high school education. The family-style high attention and encouragement of education concept stimulates the enthusiasm of teenagers. The world-class faculty guides the students to discover their potential, and the international and diversified composition provides global perspectives and rich life experiences. The strong and close-linked alumni network and the abundant school funds provide teenagers with educational resources and growth platform comparable to the world’s top universities, and become a lifetime wealth.
American high school application timeline (Make early planning and preparation 2 years prior to the year of entry)
March: 1. Make overseas study plan; 2. prepare standard tests and enhance  English skills; 3. family funding plans
June: 1. choose 5-10 target schools; 2. register for TOEFL  
July: 1. take test preparation classes or self study 2. collect application information; 3. take summer school programs
September: 1. register for SSAT; 2. take TOEFL examination 3. decide which schools to apply after obtaining the TOEFL score
October: 1. prepare application materials; take SSAT examination
November: 1. take SSAT Examination 2. submit application materials such as transcript
December: 1. submit application materials such as transcript; 2. pay the application fee; 3. interviews
January-February of the following year: 1. submit and follow up the application
March of the following year: 1. receive offers 2. apply for passport
April of the following year: 1. accept offer; 2. pay the deposit fee; 3. receive I-20; 4. book tickets
The advantage of studying at American high schools 
Improve students’ English skills
The local life, study and environment is very suitable for learning English.
Easier to apply to top universities in the US
Extremely convenient to take SAT/AP examinations.
Gain earlier understanding about the American universities education
Obtain direct experience of the American teachers’ teaching methods and assessment system
Develop potential and self-plan
The American-style education encourages running through the whole process. Students feel respects and hence achieve better development.
Improve and develop personality
Develop children's independent spirit and mature thinking
Multicultural integration broadens horizons
Living in the United States and experiencing different cultures is an excellent opportunity for students to enrich and improve themselves.