Ruthin College

Ruthin School, located in the suburbs of Ruthin town with a beautiful scenery and pleasant climate, is a history-honored boarding school. The school has been adhering to the tradition of “attaching importance to every student” and continually endeavored to provide the best environment for students. All the staff of school, whether they are teachers or not, all know every student in the school very well. In this school, a friendly and comfortable study environment is provided to make sure that every student can get enough attention from teachers and that their personality and specialty can be fully developed.
Excellent Academic Performance
The school now ranks first in the co-educational boarding school in Wales, UK. The proportion of outstanding students in the school is higher than the average level in the same region. In the past few years, students have performed excellently in public examinations. In the GCSE exam, the students’ scores have repeatedly reached new heights. In 2018, 42 students participated in the GCSE examination, and the proportion of high scores has greatly improved. The proportion of A* scores has reached 43.8% compared with 28.9% last year, and 30 students received five or more A*/A. In the A-Level examination, the proportion of A*-B exceeds 89%, and the passing rate reaches 100%. A total of 32 students obtained three or more A*/A and seven of the 2018 graduates were admitted to Oxbridge. In recent years, many students of Ruthin School have made remarkable achievements and have been admitted to Cambridge, Oxford, UCL, LSE, KCL, Imperial College London, Durham, Bristol, Exeter and Nottingham and other famous universities. And they have become examples of success with different majors such as mathematics, accounting, finance, architecture, biochemistry as well as physics. 
2016 Times: Best Boarding Schools ranking 7th          
2017 ISC: Best UK Private Boarding Secondary School ranking 8th             
2018 Graduates’ A*-A ratio reached 72.40%. 
Ideal Environment

Ruthin school, located in northern Wales, UK, with convenient transportation, refreshing and beautiful environment, is very suitable for studying and self-cultivation. It's about 45-minute drive to Manchester and Liverpool and only one-hour drive to Manchester Airport. 20 percent of the boarders in the school are local British students, and the remaining 80 percent are from all over the world. In 2008, Ruthin School enrolled Chinese students for the first time, aiming at realizing diversified teaching and meeting the needs of globalization of education. The school provides GCSE and A-Level courses for students. For overseas students, there are English intensive classes (with additional fees) to help students adapt to the English teaching and integrate into the local environment as soon as possible. Ruthin school pursues high-quality teaching and attaches importance to the cultivation of personality and tapping into the potential of students, aiming at cultivating students with self-confidence, politeness, self-restraint and social responsibility. The school provides students with a variety of after-school activities: mountain biking, rock climbing, car maintenance, target shooting, golf, swimming, skating, sailing, canoeing and youth military training. In addition, the school has a department of Drama and Music, which organizes choir and orchestras. The drama troupe produces a variety of plays every year, attracting many students to participate.