Founded by Mrs. M. Crist in 1956, the American School in England is a branch of The American School in Switzerland. There are 756 students in the school, including 341 students in Upper School. American students account for 63% of the students, European students account for 23%, British students account for 9%, Korean and Japanese students account for 2%. There are 101 full-time teachers and 10 part-time teachers in the school. 69% of the teachers have master’s or doctoral degrees. Among them, 66 are American teachers, 24 are British teachers, and 12 are dual nationals of the United States and the United Kingdom.
  The American School in England, like its main school in Switzerland, is a famous aristocratic school with high-quality teaching and American independent tradition. The school pays attention to both academic and social development of students, and encourages students to develop their full potential. Almost all school graduates go directly to college. The school has passed the accreditation of the European Council for International Schools (ECIS) and the New England Association of Schools and Universities (NEASC), and is a member of the American Association of Private Schools (NAIS) and the American Association of Private Boarding Schools (TABS). There are only a small number of native British students in the school, and the rest are international students from all over the world. It has excellent advantages in cultivating students' communicative competence and understanding the local conditions and customs of other countries.
Excellent Academic Performance
    The American School in England offers American secondary school curriculum and internationally recognized diploma courses in preparatory courses (IB and AP). Students can choose courses according to their own situation. The classes are in small-sizes, and tutors give individual guidance to students. The basic requirements for graduation is four years of English, three years of History (including 11th or 12th American History), a third-level foreign language, three years of mathematics (through second-level algebra), three experimental sciences (including biology) and one year of art. All the Year 12 students must take a humanity course for a whole year. Students who have studied at The American School in England for more than three years need to complete 19 credits, while those who have studied for less than three years need to learn at least 16 credits. The average number of courses per academic year is five. There are advanced entrance courses and a wide range of optional courses such as Economics, Environmental Science, International Issues, Compulsory Calculus Pre-School Courses, Physics, Photography, Music and Performance for qualified students.
    In addition, senior students can take university preparatory courses known as AP (Advanced Placement) courses. The school provides up to 20 AP courses (Art History, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, English Literature and Writing, Environmental Science, European History, French, Music Theory, Physics, Statistics and American History). Students with excellent AP scores can not only be favored by many famous universities to get their admission offers, but also get credit reduction. Meanwhile, excellent AP scores are an important reference for applying for scholarships of university. The school has always been famous for its excellent university destinations and nearly 100% college admission rate.
Among the graduates of 2018, 40% of them went to study at the universities in the United States such as New York University, Northwestern University, The George Washington University, Carnegie Mellon University and Purdue University, and 40% of them went to study at the universities in the United Kingdom such as Cambridge University, Oxford University, University College London, King’s College London and Durham University. 
    The passing rate of AP tests of TASIS usually reaches 90%, compared to the average figure of 70% of the American private high school. In 2018, the passing rate of AP test in TASIS was 92%, 25% of the students got the highest score of 5, 57% of the students got 4 or more, and 185 of 329 AP tests got 4 or more. TASIS also achieved excellent results in the IB exam in 2018, with the passing rate reaching 98% and the global IB passing rate reaching 78%. One of the students got a full score of 45 points and its average score is 33 points, while the global IB average score was 30 points. 18% of the students got 38 points and above in the same period. Fifty-five people have obtained IB certificates and fifteen have obtained bilingual IB certificates.
Brilliant learning environment
    Founded in 1976, the 46-acre English-American School is situated in a beautiful countryside, 18 miles from the heart of London and 6 miles from Heathrow Airport. The campus is also a tourist resort, full of natural and cultural atmosphere. The main buildings of the campus are two Georgian buildings and specially constructed classrooms. There are various computer and science laboratories. Each branch of the school has a library, a photographic darkroom, a music room and a 400-seat theatre. There are also three big playgrounds, six indoor tennis courts and a multifunctional gymnasium on campus.